Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Emerson Lake and Palmer, Emerson is gone

by Thomas Morrell
copyright 2016 all rights reserved

On March 10th of 2016, the keyboardist for the legendary progressive rock band Emerson Lake and Palmer passed away from a self inflicted gun shot. Let’s take a look at what was going on at the time of his death. Keith Emerson was born on November 2, 1944 and died on March 10th, 2016. He was a 5 of Diamonds.

In both the 7 Year and Yearly Charts, he had the 7 of Clubs as the Card in effect, Venus in the 7 Year and Mars in the Yearly. The 7 of Clubs is the card of mental challenges and obstacles and many times will cause a person to feel anxious, or experience anxiety. While this was obviously the case, looking at the 3 sub-year charts gives us more detail into both what was going on with him and the timing.

In the 91 day Seasonal Chart, he also had the 7 of Clubs in Mars, showing a triple Mystic Conjunction* during this time. The Vertical Card was the 10 of Clubs and negatively, with the power of the 10, this can put one’s mind in overdrive – thinking too much. The 10 of Clubs was also sitting in what’s called the Transformation Box, displacing the 9 of Spades and 6 of Spades, both traditional Death Cards in the system. The 9 of Clubs can  represent depression and in the Seasonal Chart his Card (the 5 of Diamonds) was displacing the 9 of Clubs. When displacing a Card, you take on the qualities of that Card.

In the 28 day Lunar Chart, he was in his 4 day Jupiter Period and had the Queen of Spades in that position, his Natal Mercury Card and this may have influenced his mind at the time and could have even brought up some childhood issues that he may not have dealt with. He did have the 6 of Spades in Mars in this Chart and with certain astronomical influences* at the time would also bring the importance of that card to light as well, again one of the traditional Death Cards in the System.

In the 7 day Weekly Chart, it was his Venus day and had the King of Spades in that position. This is the God Card and many times when a person passes it is present somewhere in the Chart. Along with this, on this day, both external numeric influences and in the Mayan Time Grids, the planet Uranus was in effect triggering the card in that position, which was the 7 of Spades, the card of health challenges.

While the larger Charts point to issues and experiences a person is dealing with, many times the smaller ones will pin point, or magnify what is going on. They can also reveal a precise trigger for the event.

According to the latest news releases Keith Emerson took his own life due to health challenges that were keeping him from performing at the high level both he and his fans expected. Musically, he was miles ahead of his time and influenced many back then and for years to come, he will be greatly missed.

* Mystic Conjunctions, external astronomical and numeric influences are part of The Ancient Book of Time astronomical system based on the mathematics and symbology behind the deck of playing Cards. It differs from other card systems and is of a deeper Mayan and Ancient Masonic origin.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Passing of Nancy Reagan

by Thomas Morrell

Nancy Reagan, wife to former President Ronald Reagan passed away on March 6th 2016. She was formerly an American Actress and was the First Lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

Someone’s passing is a great way to look at the Cards and what is going on, as it is an important and critical point in people’s lives and in the lives in others around them. Let’s take a look at what was going on with Nancy Reagan at the time of her passing.

First, it is interesting she was born on a 6 day and passed on a number 6 day. 6 is the Number of Venus and was reflected in her looks as she was an attractive lady and known for her style. Born on July 6th made her a 9 of Diamonds. Mars in Earth, driven towards worth.

The amazing thing that sticks out looking at the Cards, is the fact that in all of the Card Charts from the Year on down she was in her Saturn Period in each of them. In the Yearly Chart she was in her 52 day Saturn Period, in her 91 day Seasonal Chart she was in her 13 day Saturn Period, in her 28 day Lunar Chart she was in her 4 day Saturn Period and in her 7 day Weekly Chart it was her Saturn day.

In the 28 Year Chart she had the 4 of Hearts in effect. This is significant as that is her Natal Saturn Card. In her 7 Year Chart was the 4 of Spades and what makes this significant is that the 9 of Clubs in Saturn in her Yearly Chart is displacing the 4 of Spades. In the 91 day Seasonal Chart her 9 of Diamonds Birth Card is displacing the 4 of Spades and her Sun Return Card was the Ace of Hearts, possibly representing the congestive heart failure from which she died. Many times it isn’t obvious at first, but when you look at all the charts in play, you start to see the connections made between them and what ties them together.

In the 28 day Lunar Chart she had the Ace of Clubs in Saturn, possibly indicating what she was remembered for the significant things she said. The interesting part of her Lunar Chart is that in the Mayan Time Grid * it was a 4 day Mars Period and her Mars Card was the King of Spades, known as the God Card. Many times when people die the King of Spades is present, signifying a possible return to God.

While the Charts so far have given a glimpse into what is going on and how they are connected, the Weekly Chart really showed the trigger and timing. First we have her Birth Card, the 9 of Diamonds sitting in her Natal Saturn position displacing both the 4 of Hearts (the Card in effect in the 28 Year Chart) and the 4 of Spades, a Card in play in the 7 Year, Yearly and Seasonal 91 day Chart. It was her Saturn Day and had the 4 of Hearts in that position (4 of Hearts again) The 4 of Hearts was sitting in the Transformation Box as it is the home for the 9 of Spades and 6 of Spades, both traditional death cards in the system. Her Mercury Card for the week was the 9 of Spades and since the Card in effect was displacing the 9 of Spades, it connects to it by reception. Again, the 9 of Spades being one of the death cards.

In this case, the Weekly Chart really shows what was going on and tied all the larger Charts into it creating the trigger for this event, along with the 4 charts from a Year on down were all in their Saturn Periods. Quite remarkable and a good illustration of someone living past the age of 90.

Nancy Reagan will be remembered for her glamour, her poise and her “just say no” campaign against drugs.

Thomas Morrell copyright 2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Time..... there is more to the story than you realized.

The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time – now available in paperback!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

What In Store For 2016?

By Thomas Morrell
copyright 2016

Using Numbers, Symbols and the newly revealed Mayan Time Grids, let’s take a look at what is in store for us in the Year ahead.

When we add all the digits of 2016 together (2+0+1+6 = 9) we get a total of 9, using the Chaldean Number System 9 is the Number of the Planet Mars. In Mundane Astrology, Mars rules the Military – its leaders, the police, War, fires, violence, conflict and terrorist attacks. In the Mayan Time Grids (time laid out in specific cycles and planetary periods), we entered a 13 Year Mars Period in 2008, so we have already been feeling the effects of Mars for awhile now. Even though we invaded Iraq before 2008, just looking around the world, there are many more conflicts going on.

Using The Ancient Book of Time, 2016 calculates out to 40, the Symbolic Value of the Ace of Spades. This is quite ominous, as in the Card System it is one of the traditional death Cards and represents a powerful transformation. Falling in Mars Year this most likely represents more death and destruction around the world, through military conflicts and terrorist attacks. Again, we are already in a 13 Year Mars Planetary Period and this has already started, it just maybe more focused, or escalted this year. The Ace of Spades in the Life Plate falls in the Mercury Line/Neptune Column. So besides the Card of powerful transformation, there is a Mercury/Neptune quality to it, as well. Mercury ruling communication, ideas and knowledge and Neptune being involved there can be something hidden, a secret or an illusion. Aces are ruled by the Sun, in the Mundane, this signifies leaders, or those in charge and again with the Mercury/Neptune influence, negatively, we will be getting the illusion of what our leaders wants us to hear, not what is really going on.

Since America will be electing a new leader and it is a Number 9/Ace of Spades Year, expect a lot of conflict. deception and lies (Mars, Neptune and Mercury) as the candidates vie to be its leader – more than usual. There is a movement for powerful change and a few candidates are speaking more truthfully, however, with all the conflicts going on, it is most likely a more war friendly person will be chosen. There will be more articles in the future on the candidates and the election.

Positively, this can be secret, hidden knowledge that comes to light and while we have been kept in the dark for many years, the illusions and deception our leaders have been telling us may come to light on a greater scale – remember, the Ace of Spades is a Card of powerful transformations. With the Mars influence, new surgical techniques are possible, as well.

While it is a Number 9/Mars and an Ace of Spades Year, we also have the influence of the Mayan Time Grids, a new interpretation of the Mayan Calendar revealed in the recently released book. The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time. This divides time into specific Cycles and Planetary Periods. As mentioned, we started a 13 Year Mars Period in 2008 and that influence has led to not less, but more conflicts around the world. This influence will last through the year 2020.

In 2014 we entered a 4 Year Venus Period, Venus ruling money, women and negotiations. This is interesting as big money and its influence is being brought to light once again. With the Ace of Spades in effect this Year, look for possible transformation, or loss in the financial sector Women’s issues and rights are many of the main stories in the media now, unfortunately under the 13 Year Mars Period, it is being reflected in what many perceive as a war on women and not just in America, but around the world – the oppression and violence against women in the Middle East and the missing and murdered Native women in Canada, for example. While not all countries, or powers are working things out, there have been some significant negotiations during this time – the Iran Deal and the big conference on Climate Change held in France. Venus also rules farming and there has been a big movement against companies like Monsanto and GMO’s. Again, under the bigger influence of Mars, these are definitely materializing as conflicts.

There will be future articles on the election and candidates for President in America, but being under the 4 Year influence of Venus, does this foretell the possibility of a Woman President?

While 2016 through vibration is represented by the Number 9, the Number of Mars, in the Mayan Time Grids by sequence we are in a Neptune Year and this is another telling influence of what is to come, or what things are about. We know with Mars there will be conflict, action and War, but with Neptune involved, it shows that these conflicts, or actions can be about oil, spiritual/religious beliefs, socialized medicine, hospitalization and social movements. Also look for more flooding, possible gas leaks/disruptions (more conflict on the Keystone Pipeline) and medical issues, such as the flu, viruses, etc.

We are just days into 2016 and already the escalations are happening – a fiery attack on the Saudi Embassy in Iran, over the beheading of a Iranian Cleric (Mars/Neptune) and another Congressional vote to try and repeal Obama Care soon to happen. While we can also look at the specific Charts for various countries to get a more detailed look at what is going on with them, just looking at the Year 2016 through it’s Numeric and Symbolic influences, we can get a better idea of the environment created in which these events can occur. The addition of the newly revealed Mayan Time Codes explains another layer in which Time unfolds that we experience here on Earth.

It looks like a very interesting year.

For more information on this amazing astronomical science check out theancientbookoftime.com and to learn how Time really unfolds check out the new book on Kindle The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time, by Thomas Morrell

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Paris Attacks

On November 13th, 2015, 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded in Paris after an attack claimed by ISIS. As shown in the new book “The God Clock – a new look at the passage of time” even locations have their circles of time unfolding and in this case, the current Republic of France was formed on 9/22/1792, which is the point its circles started unfolding. Using The Ancient Book of Time* we can look to specific time markers and periods/symbols within it, to see the influences present at the time of this event.

With the Republic of France being formed on 9/22, the symbol represented by this day is the 2 of Clubs. While we could go into a complete Natal delineation of the 2 of Clubs, in this article we are more concerned with the events that occurred recently.

France is currently 223 years old and within its current 28 year Saturn Chart it is in its 4 year Neptune Period. It has the 4 of Clubs in that position and what it interesting is not the 4 of Clubs in and of itself, but that it is tied to the Pluto Card (the Jack of Clubs)*, which is displacing the 4 of Hearts, which just happens to be the card for the name* ISIS.

In the 7 Year Chart in effect now France is in its 1 Year Neptune Period. The Card in this position is the 8 of Spades – this is a card of power, force and healing, which France is doing now. Another interesting aspect at play here is the 8 of Spades is also displacing the 4 of Hearts. Again the card of the name of ISIS.

In its current Yearly Chart, France was in its 52 day Venus Period at the time of the event and had the Ace of Spades in that position, the card of a powerful transformation. It is also one of the traditional death cards in the system. The Ace of Spades was displacing the 2 of Clubs, the Birth Card of France, creating a trigger for the event.*

Looking at France’s 91 day Seasonal Chart it was in its 13 day Saturn Period. Saturn Periods can be tough and in this position was the 4 of Hearts, again, the card of the name for ISIS. What makes it even more impressive is the 4 of Hearts was displacing the Jack of Clubs, the card is it was linked to in the 28 Year Chart! The 2 of Clubs was also sitting in the 2 of Diamonds box in this chart – we will get into that significance in a moment.

In the 28 Day Lunar Chart, France was in its 4 day Neptune Period and had the 7 of Clubs there, the card of anxiety, as well as, challenges and obstacles. The Saturn Card for the 28 Day Chart was the 9 of Spades, difficult loss and another traditional death card in the system.

In the 7 Day Weekly Chart, there was something very interesting at play, on November 13th France was its Jupiter Day for the week and in the Jupiter position was the 2 of Diamonds. The interesting part was that in the Seasonal Chart, France was displacing the 2 of Diamonds, so when this day/card came along it acted as a trigger. Another interesting aspect is that the 2 of Diamonds, in the Weekly Chart was sitting up in the center of the Crown Line, bringing with it much attention – unfortunately for a bad reason.

While there is more depth and layers to this event as revealed in the Card System, a quick glance shows us the significant symbols and placements involved at the time of this tragic event and the importance of the Card of the Name, as well.*

* Receptions, Displacements, Triggers, Cards of Names, etc. are all part of The Ancient Book of Time and discoveries of Thomas Morrell. The 364 Year, 28 Year, 91 Day, 28 Day and 7 Day Charts are also just some of his other remarkable discoveries, as well. You can learn more about these in his Books and teachings.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A new book by Thomas Morrell

The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time, is a remarkable new book that not only takes a different look at Time itself, but also goes into various calendars, structures and symbols from the past, to reveal not only the basis of Time, but the important message about it the ancients have left us.

Chapter 1 uncovers the structure of time and that it is unfolding in 4 different ways at once (linear, cyclic, proportional and within a circle) in the mechanism known as The God Clock. A lost Star/Time Code is also revealed, which lays the foundation for Chapter 2 where the author takes a look at and questions the modern interpretation of the Mayan and Aztec Calendars along with the questionable, validity of the Date 12/21/2012. Are the old calculations correct, or do new ones point to a different place we are at, in Time?

In Chapter 3 we look deeper into the mathematical basis of both the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Mayan Pyramid “El Castillo” to see that not only Time is built into it, but to understand the message of the builders of these great monuments – the path, or journey of the soul through Time and our possible destination within it. The author proposes the potential origins of both of these structures and to verify possible connections we have, others have made regarding distant points out in our Galaxy.

An ancient, symbolic, astronomical system is unveiled in Chapter 4, showing the reader part of the intricate, detailed and mathematical path we are all on. It shows how we are all connected and that events and people coming in and out of our lives, do not happen by accident. Did you know when you meet someone, that 4 circles of Time are intersecting at once?

While it is shown in the previous chapters that this system is encoded in both the ancient calendars and the two pyramids mentioned. Chapter 5 reveals how the mathematical basis of it, and Time, are actually hidden within the Masonic Symbol and how even our Alphabet is woven within it, as well as, with the Heavens above.

After laying out the foundation and understanding of Time, along with the possible corrections made to the Mayan and Aztec Calenders, in Chapter 6 the author lays out Time in much larger, proportional blocks in what is called the Mayan Time Grids. A few important events are delineated within these Time overlays to illustrate and understand the environment created in order for them to happen. After this, Chapter 6 goes into past, present and future planetary Ages (The Industrial Age, The Age of Dreams and Oil, The Information Age and The Age of Beauty and Art) to not only show their important influence, but to see where we have been, where we are and where we are going – in Time.

Finally in Chapter 7, we take a deeper look into The God Clock and its workings to better understand our path and lives. Along with proving that the Native Americans have always been right in their belief “every thing is a circle.” Also, revealing what the true purpose of Time is and what might happen when and if Time ends.

Through understanding Time – its structure, how it works and that it is a fabric that we are literally woven into, the biblical passage within Ecclesiastes is quite profound.

“To everything there is a Season, a Time and Purpose under Heaven.....”

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Book!

I am proud to announce the release of my new book "The God Clock..a new look at the passage of time"
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